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Kulafunded CaseStudy

This is the most recent crowdfunding platform we developed this is a big project providing flexible solutions to both members & inventors. This project has the ability to apply funding goals for the project. This system helps community members to launch projects. Allows fundraising for their projects and promotion system. For all live projects we developed a Funding Meter (displaying how close to funding Project is) should also display Amount Pledged, number of Supporters, days left to expiration/expiration date.

  • Social Media APIs
  • Payment APIs
  • Infusion Soft APIs



Affiliated Market

Responsive Site






Woo Commerce


Solar DB

Application Program Interfaces

Social Media


Project  scope


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by lifting monetary contributions from immense people. As Kulafunded project is a Crowdfunding site so normally it is based on three stages i.e. an idea initiated by a person who proposes for a project to be funded, then the members who support the idea and last an organization that brings the parties together to launch the idea. Within these three stages system manages modules for all phases.

Implementation  Strategy

Kulafunded was designed and developed with a goal to provide a platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise funds from the community; users can pledge and get points as it follows reward based policy. We faced a lot of challenges while developing this massive solution, we came across to manage referral members, royalties, reports, marketing resources, payments, orders pledges and pre-pledged points.

Another key factor of this project was “Twitter tool” we incorporate social media mechanisms so members can get connected to the same platform Last but not least, a database structure that handles thousands of members records concurrently.

Project Reflection

Development of Kulafunded system was an extremely motivating experience. Having a foresighted vision and enthusiastic awareness of advanced technologies, we worked on this project using competent and multifaceted queries. Kulafunded member acknowledged the system because of its user-friendly application. We are proud and thankful to have an opportunity to exhibit our implementation capabilities.

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