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CauseBlast Casestudy

CauseBlast provides us with two kinds of platforms. One is advocate platform and another one is for charity platform. Both platforms are designed with an intended purpose to increase donations. Funds can be raised by a vibrant relationship between advocates and charities. A person can take liability for a certain project and can make donations.





Responsive Site


Charity Site


Has Offer

Brain Tree




This is word press multisite that is built on Avada Theme. Here all projects and charities are managed, that is surrounded by CauseBlast project management where projects are created for donations. CauseBlast Charity Plugin (Parent Site) handles Charity and Project creation from the backend. Also, Salesperson’s request details and deals are supervised. All charities transactions are handle along with all of its facts. Braintree is used as a payment gateway. Each and every amount transactions record are at hand in the backend.

Case Management and Wando International Advocates they are powered by CauseBlast. CauseBlast plays a vital role and support Case management, Member Dashboard, Webinar, Lead Pages and Our External Plugin. All updates and donations record listed and maintained from CauseBlast, Charities, projects, Milestones, Users, Plugin owners, Latest Transaction, Salespersons and all other sections were managed by CauseBlast. For charities, there are projects (with assigned milestones but that is optional) where advocates will support to raise funds and then get paid. This allows massive donation process to take place. Donations are knob using an external plugin.



Wando International is powered by causeblast, Customers are facilitated to become a member so they can view projects and then can raise funds using those projects. They will get the commission that is based on each individual project.

Vizz developed a complete system to keep track for all projects, reports, sale person commissions, record the performance of salespersons. Funding goals are set by the admin



API has been used that consent to referral management which keeps track of commission against each ID. Has Offer account is used to manage referral relationship. Each account encloses unique ID along with affiliated Commission. This helps the salesperson to acquire commission against each project. There are set an offer and affiliate respectively to a project. Each affiliate is assigned an offer. All details of offer and reports are managed here. It also allows managing affliates,creating affliates.



Wandointernational.org/projects/causeblast developed for users to sign up, create an account and become a salesperson. View different projects and they can raise funds using those projects. A commission is based on each individual project.


Payment Gateway is one of the main factors that outshines in e-commerce process. We have used Braintree and assure safe payments transactions with full functionality implemented. Payments are entirely automated for this system and are secured.


Case Management users are able to get registered. Members are able to log in and search or view projects. Allows to examine the complete profile of a person, student or baby, then a user can be a fundraiser, advocate for them, can share their story via social links and can follow their progress.

Project  scope


CauseBlast, a central global digital advocacy network, specializing in pay for performance program that drives results for charities around the world. This network facilitates to reach and connect with millions of online supporters every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advocates and charities. This project is extended further to a great zeal for advocates i.e. Wando international and Case management site.

Implementation  Strategy

Build applications to help users reach their fundraising goals with one of the most customization systems in the business. We deploy this application so that system offers real-time payment processing and it handles all the payment. We develop a platform for Charities and Advocacy, Raise funds for Dependants / Students (affected child’s, orphans etc). Each dependant has their own Advocate and Advocate have Case Managers.

Provocations that we handled carefully were about Salespersons, Referral system and commission calculations from Has Offer API we integrated also there was a big challenge in implementing referral system in Wando International Shop.

Project Reflection

The successful accomplishment of this web application demonstrates that one of the greatest techniques for a foundation to substantially increase the impact of its fundraiser is to engage members as advocates and charities. The development of CauseBlast website was a challenging yet a very delightful experience. By developing this website, we gained the worthy experience of working with Braintree functionality which enables us to enhance our capabilities and skills in web-portal, supplier and payment management, customer solutions etc. Our experience is also added with collaborative need management and customer satisfaction at both ends. Our client is so happy with our work and also our company is happy to work on this project.