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Silverline Casestudy

This is a boat booking web-site having boat listings with complete inventory solutions, featured inventory, developed rich backend system for managing boats, selling boats, dealers, payment process.

Mr. Geoffrey Allen is from Athlone Ireland



We have developed a full module which applies seasonal prices and proposing different packages on the basis of booking date, also doing the multi-object booking, this module is completely flexible and has a strong backend for admin to set different prices for different units.



This site has B2B functionality, where dealers communicate with each other, swap boats, set availabilities and using auto importing and exporting features.



We have developed complete API their partners who are getting the availability of different boats and making that available on their sites and booking that for available dates.



Customers are allowed to make payments transactions via Direct Bank transfer, Bank draft/ Postal Order, Credit Card. Also, we developed payment calculator with enhanced features so that calculate all payments and discounts.

Project  scope


The application was designed with an aim to provide a platform to hire a cruiser and set sail on one of the finest waterways in Europe with Silver Line Cruisers.

In this site, we developed booking system features, calendar integration and auto check availability/ status, discount calculation, payment method integration, Order groceries system.

Implementation  Strategy

The purpose of making this website is to design a platform which provides a one roof solution space for customers for booking available cruisers for Shannon adventure. The aim is to facilitate people to have detailed choices and then selects the one which suits them the best.

Project Reflection

The website overall development was a tricky experience. Through developing this website, it enhanced to our great knowledge about booking management, payment management and client satisfaction. We also improved our proficiency in the development of a service based website. We also gained experience with invoice management. We are pleased to avail this opportunity and proud to deliver with our technical expertise and implement